We are 4in10 London's Child Poverty Network

We are a campaigning network of London organisations working to improve the lives of the 4in10 children living in poverty across the capital. We know child poverty can be tackled if we work together to keep the spotlight on the damage that poverty is doing to families in London.

We are a loose network of frontline service providers, campaigners and researchers with one shared commitment: to make a difference when and where we can by tackling inequality and poverty in our City.

We do that by amplifying the voices of the families and children you work with wherever decisions are made that affect their lives. We will not be ignored.

We are a tiny team with big hearts. Our network holds over 400 organisations, but there is always room for more.

Please join us, let us share your work with others and together we can do better for London’s children.



4in10 is an independent campaigning organisation hosted by Children England and generously funded by Trust for London and City Bridge Foundation.

We have just three members of the team, our Strategic Project Manager who manages the team and undertakes policy and campaigning work, our Community Outreach Officer who supports our members, publishes the newsletter and manages the website and a Research and Learning Officer. Between the three of us we continue to build an active London network of organisations of any size who are working in a wide variety of ways to challenge child poverty.

We are only as strong as our membership and recognise the need to be directed by our members regarding the issues we need to focus on and to that end we have an annual consultation to identify emerging concerns and to highlight where we should keep up pressure for change. Members provide us with information to disseminate and we see value in sharing best practice and knowledge and in encouraging and enabling cooperation and learning within our sector.

Our members include:

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Membership of 4in10 is entirely free and enables you to attend our events, as well as share information with our wide network.

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